Car Warranty from Asda Motoring.

Protect your car against an extensive number of mechanical or electrical failures with a car warranty from Asda Motoring. Just enter your reg below to get a warranty quote for your vehicle.

If your car is no longer covered by its original manufacturer warranty, buying an extended car warranty through Asda Motoring is one of the best ways to protect yourself against unexpected repair bills if anything goes wrong with your vehicle.

We will cover the cost of most mechanical and electrical failures up to the value of your vehicle, from as little as £35.00 per month. Whether you need an extended car warranty, or to take out a used car warranty, Asda Motoring have got you covered.

Whether you’re buying second-hand or already own a vehicle, our extended warranty will cover all parts and labour costs, including diagnostics to identify the underlying fault.

We provide warranties for all cars including electric and hybrid vehicles. All warranty claims are handled by our team of expert engineers, who will be able to assess the damage and diagnose issues with your vehicle, deciding the best course of action for repair. Find out more about what the Asda Motoring car warranty does and does not cover, along with more frequently asked questions below.

Our Car Warranty Covers:

Wear and Tear

Failures caused by overheating

Air conditioning problems

Failures identified during MOT and servicing

Emissions failures

In-car entertainment


Sat nav

Warranty FAQs

A car warranty is designed to provide you with the peace of mind that should your car develop a fault, it can be fixed with little or no cost to you. While vehicles are more reliable than ever, the increasing complexity and integrated nature of their mechanical and electrical components can result in an expensive repair bill. A warranty protects you from these costs, potentially saving you thousands of pounds. Asda Motoring’s car warranty, administered by the warranty experts MotorEasy, provides extensive levels of cover at a fantastic price.

In the event your vehicle displays a fault, please refer to your car warranty plan document to see the next steps. All claims are managed through a team of in-house engineers, who will assist in the fault diagnosis process to confirm whether the repairs are authorised.

You should never go ahead with any warranty work without prior approval, or this may result in your claim being rejected as the warranty administrator does not have the chance to check parts and labour costs, and ensure a fair value is given for a diagnosis.

We may also need to send an independent inspector to the vehicle, who will produce a more detailed report of how and why the fault has occurred.

An extended car warranty covers you for repairs after a manufacturer’s standard warranty has expired. It’s a way for you to reduce the risk of your cost exposure, should your vehicle develop a sudden or unexpected mechanical or electrical failure to a covered component.

Services are not included in a car warranty. You will need to purchase a car service separately from your warranty cover. Note, all warranty providers will require you to maintain your vehicle according to its manufacturer service schedules. To keep your warranty valid, you must ensure your vehicle is properly taxed, insured, and has an up-to-date service and MOT record.

A car warranty does not cover accidental damage - this would be covered by your main motor insurance provider.

A car warranty also won’t cover consumable, perishable, frictional or service parts. This includes but is not limited to, brake pads, batteries, tyres, wiper blades, filters and clutch plates.

For a full list of what is covered and what is not covered, please refer to your warranty plan document received on the purchase or contact our warranty administrator at 0808 175 5677.

Consequential damage is where the failure of a non-covered item, causes damage or failure to a covered item. Some warranty companies use consequential damage clauses to avoid pay-outs on claims. In the case of an ASDA warranty, consequential damage cover is provided, and we will cover the cost of fault diagnosis and repair up to the value of your car.