The Best Tyres Coming Out In 2024

2024 is already looking to be an exciting year in the world of tyres. With cutting-edge technology taking over the market, the future of tyres has never looked so bright. All these new tyres are guaranteed to take safety and sustainability to the next level, and in this blog, we will cover all the best ones to look out for.

Toyo Tires – Proxes CF3

Courtesy of Toyo Tires

Releasing in January 2024 with 46 sizes, this fuel-efficient tyre will save money whilst also providing the driver with elite comfort. On top of this, the tyre promises to reduce emissions in response to the rise of electric vehicles and hybrids and is also designed with eco-friendly practices in mind, using silica dispersants.

The tyre uses Nano Balance Technology to reduce rolling grip, enhancing wet and wear resistance. This technology also optimises the overall tyre performance. This technology shines most in saving fuel, with its components working to save the driver money.

Nankang – CR-S

Courtesy of Nankang

Due to release in March 2024, the CR-S is an extreme-performance summer tyre with a 200TW rating. The asymmetric tread design means it’s engineered for extreme grip, and also provides precise control while driving. An aramid reinforced sidewall means it can stick to this consistent performance, providing drivers with reliability. 

This tyre took part in extensive testing from Nankang, with over 3 years dedicated to its development. Their main goal with this tyre was to surpass their AR-1 in both speed and consistency while driving. It also aims to provide better driving comfort, lower noise levels and much better driving in wet conditions, improving the user experience. 

Vredestein – Ultrac Pro 

Making its debut in Spring 2024, the Ultrac Pro promises a groundbreaking fusion of cutting-edge handling and unmatched driving comfort. The tyre has an accessible price point, whilst also providing luxury driving and advanced capabilities. The use of state-of-the-art virtual prototyping and simulation helps achieve this, as Apollo Tyres’ have invested significantly in the research of the  Ultrac Pro.

In its final testing stages, the Ultrac Pro offers a comprehensive array of sizes, catering to rims ranging from 18 to 24 inches, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.

Sumitomo Rubber “Smart” All-Season Tyres

Sumitomo Rubber Industries plans to release a new generation of all-season tyres in late 2024. These tyres will feature active tread technology, a unique blend of special material with rubber that adjusts its softness in response to different weather conditions. This guarantees optimal performance in wet, snowy or cold weather conditions and when faced with sunny or hot conditions, it can return to its original hardness. 

The sensing core technology was also revealed alongside these smart all-season tyres. This turns tyres into sensors that gather real-time data on road conditions, tyre wear, load and air pressure. This enhances drivers’ safety and performance while out on the road. Specific details of the tyre, such as more features, prices and availability will be announced as we go further into the year. 

Michelin – UPTIS Airless Tyre

Courtesy of Michelin

Unveiled in 2019, and aiming for a 2024 release, the Michelin UPTIS (Unique Puncture-Proof Tyre System) reduces the risk of flats and rapid puncture loss, showcasing a new generation of airless solutions. This incredible advancement reduces the risk of flat tyres, providing safety for drivers and increasing productivity for fleet drivers by reducing the downtime from flats. Minimal maintenance also leads to a reduction in scrapped tyres and less raw material being used. 

All of these tyre releases make 2024 an exciting year for tyres, filled with advancements and new technologies on the market. For great prices on the latest tyres, visit ASDA Tyres today.

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