How to Keep Your Car Feeling Brand New

As the summer season approaches, it’s an ideal time to give your space a refreshing update and ensure you’re ready for the warmer days ahead. Apart from enhancing your driving experience, maintaining your car can also prolong its lifespan. To help you keep your vehicle in top-notch condition this season, we’ve put together some practical and simple tips that will leave it feeling as good as new.

Keep It Clean

A clean car is a happy car! Keeping your car clean both inside and out can make a huge difference in your mood and mental health. 

No one wants to drive in a cluttered and dirty car. So start off this season with a spring clean. Vacuum the interior, wipe down surfaces and wash the exterior. You’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel driving a clean car.

Check Your Tyres

Your tyres are one of the most important parts of your car, so it’s important to keep them in great condition. Inflating your tyres once a month can improve your petrol mileage and help with handling. 

Also, don’t forget to check the tread depth – anything below 1.6mm is illegal, so get it replaced as soon as possible. The beginning of the season is a great time to ensure your tyres are in tip-top shape, especially with the colder weather affecting pressure. If you find yourself needing some new tyres you can check out our full selection of car tyres from ASDA Tyres website,

Get A Service

Schedule a full service every 12 months to ensure your car is running efficiently and safely. During the service, various checks will be carried out to prevent any potential issues down the line. Starting the new month with a service can help save money on maintenance costs in the long run. 

Plus, it’s always reassuring to know your car is in top condition. You can book a car service online from our website.

Change the Headlights

Since there’s less daylight at the beginning of the year, it’s important to ensure your headlights are working correctly. If you notice that they’re not as bright as usual, invest in some fresh bulbs. 

Also, check the condition of your lenses to make sure they’re not cracked or fogged up. Don’t let poor visibility affect your driving!

Invest In Some Gadgets

There are plenty of gadgets available to make your driving experience more enjoyable and convenient. A satnav can keep you on track, a dash cam can protect you in case of an accident, and a magnetic phone holder can keep your hands free. 

Plus, LED interior-coloured lights can add a stylish edge to your car, and a car boot organiser can help keep your supplies organised.

Protect Your Interiors

Don’t forget about the inside of your car! Investing in seat covers can protect your seats from wear and tear, while a steering wheel cover can prevent sun damage and scratches. Adding an air freshener can keep your car smelling fresh and clean.

Check Your MOT

Don’t let your car’s MOT creep up on you! Use our free MOT checker to see when your MOT is due. It’s illegal to drive without a valid MOT, so don’t get caught out. If your test is coming up, use us to book an MOT in your local area and find the best deal for your needs.

Keeping your car feeling brand new doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Remember to stay proactive with cleaning, and regularly perform maintenance tasks to keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

 With a little effort and attention, your car will continue to feel brand new, even after many miles on the road.

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