How Long Does an MOT Take?

As a responsible car owner, you understand the importance of an MOT test in ensuring your vehicle’s roadworthiness and legal compliance. However, you may have some questions: How long does an MOT test take? What does it entail? 

At ASDA Motoring, we aim to provide you with all the answers and help you prepare for your upcoming MOT test. In this blog post, we will delve into the duration of an MOT test, its significance, and how you can get ready for the process.

What is an MOT?

An MOT, short for Ministry of Transport test, is a mandatory annual inspection required for vehicles that are over three years old. This comprehensive assessment ensures that vehicles meet the minimum legal standards for safety and environmental friendliness. Conducted by qualified testers, an MOT examines various components of a vehicle, including its exterior, safety features, interior, electrics, exhausts, and fuel systems. Possessing a valid MOT certificate is not only a legal requirement but also provides assurance that your vehicle is roadworthy and adheres to the DVSA’s safety and environmental regulations.

How long does an MOT test take?

An MOT test typically takes around 45 to 60 minutes to complete. This means you can expect a swift turnaround and collect your vehicle promptly after the inspection. Our efficient and experienced team at ASDA Motoring ensures that the process is smooth and hassle-free.

How much is an MOT?

In the United Kingdom, car owners are subject to a regulated maximum fee of £54.85 for an MOT test, set by the government. However, the price may vary based on the number of passengers the vehicle can transport, potentially resulting in an increased fee.

What Happens if Your Vehicle Passes?

When your vehicle passes its MOT test, you will receive an MOT certificate, providing you with peace of mind and legal compliance for the next 12 months. You can then go about your daily activities, knowing that your vehicle meets the required safety and environmental standards.

Dealing with MOT Failures

In the event that your vehicle fails its MOT test, our team will promptly inform you of the necessary repairs. For minor issues, we can often fix them on the same day, allowing you to get back on the road as soon as possible. In cases where significant repairs are required, we will ensure that your vehicle is repaired promptly and returned to you the following day.

Advisory Notes

During the MOT test, our inspectors may provide advisory notes highlighting any issues that need attention, although they do not result in a failure. These notes help you identify areas that require maintenance or repair to ensure your vehicle remains in optimal condition.

What Does the MOT Test Cover? 

The MOT test is a comprehensive assessment of your vehicle’s safety and roadworthiness. While it doesn’t cover the engine, clutch, or gearbox, it examines various vital components, including:

  • Exterior: Bodywork, mirrors, wipers, washers, and registration plates.
  • Safety: Seatbelts, brakes, steering, suspension, tires, lights, and horn.
  • Interior: Seats and doors.
  • Electrics: Wiring, dashboard warning lights, and speedometer.
  • Exhausts and Fuel.

Preparing for Your MOT Test

To ensure your vehicle has the best chance of passing its MOT test, there are several steps you can take:

  • Check and top up fuel, engine oil, and windscreen wash.
  • Inspect the windscreen for any chips or cracks.
  • Test lights, indicators, and bulbs for proper functioning.
  • Check tire inflation levels and ensure the tread depth is above the minimum legal requirement of 1.6mm.
  • Address any illuminated warning lights on the dashboard.
  • Conduct a visual inspection of your vehicle’s exterior, including engine components, tires, brakes, steering, electrics, fluids, and suspension.

Now that you know how long an MOT test takes and what it entails, you can approach your next MOT with confidence. Trust ASDA Motoring to provide efficient and thorough MOT testing services, keeping you safe and legally compliant on the road. Don’t forget to follow our preparation tips to enhance the chances of a successful MOT outcome.

Book your MOT test with us today and experience our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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